Restoration 3 Times Faster

The whole point of online data backup is that files are available the moment you need them. No one does this better than Hypervault Back up Services

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The question is not whether your business will lose data

It is will you be prepared when..

Online Backup from HyperVault prevents such data disasters. A "set it and forget it" configuration.

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Easy to Use
Most Reliable
Industry leading Security

Hypervault just made backing up your files as EASY as 1-2-3!

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Flexible Marketing

At Hyperride we know all about Marketing

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Top 5 reasons that your business needs online back up

Automatic Backup
Your data is constantly updated and backed up whenever you change or edit your files! Our system is completely automated – so you don’t have to waste your personal time changing or updating your backup data manually.
100% Secure and Encrypted
All of your data is compressed and 256-bit encrypted. We use the same system that many governments and banks use.
Only ONE Account Needed To Backup ALL Of Your Computers!
Unlike many of our competitors who require you to purchase additional licenses or pay extra money, you will only need one account to backup ALL of your computers.
Lightning Quick Backup Speed
Thanks to our “in-house” data transfer technology you are able to backup large volumes of data in a very short period of time.
Supports ALL Common Databases
Many of our competitors will have you purchase separate modules for EACH database you have. We provide you with all modules, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Domino/Notes, etc., thus making it the best value for money backup software available on the market.


Technical Support just got better!

If you require assistance with installing the system, one of our experienced and fully trained technicians can guide you. Our remote installation fee is $89.00 and it includes configuration of your first machine. Any subsequent machines carry a fee of $29.00 if installed at the same time.


Our Backup Plans

We offer online backup plans that are customized to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes. If you cannot find a plan that suits your business needs, please contact us and we will create one just for you.